CO2focus carbon label

The criteria for the use of our climate label are according to the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman criteria for climate neutral marketing:

  • The carbon accounting must be prepared according to the Greenhouse gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and cover the organisation, activity or product that is subject to compensation and climate neutral marketing. A cradle to grave LCA is required for specific products.
  • The company or organisation must develop a climate action plan with specific and measurable emissions reduction targets. The targets must be linked to the carbon neutral product or activity.
  • The total climate impact must be compensated with UN approved carbon credits.
  • Calculation models must be verified by CO2focus, as an independent third party
  • As transparency is an important aspect, climate related documentation such as the annual carbon inventory, the action plan and the compensation documentation, should be made publicly available.
  • The carbon accounting should be an annual activity, while the action plan should be updated every other year.

The CO2focus climate label will be customised according to the carbon neutral subject. It should be clear and unambiguous what is being presented as carbon neutral, in order to avoid misleading and erroneous marketing.

Example of a customised label:

"Carbon neutral product",
e.g. Printed matter
  1. Can be used towards customers for marketing of a product
  2. Can be uploaded to the company website and used in marketing material
  3. Carbon neutral printed matters can be traced to the original supplier.

Contact person:
Frithjof Grønlien
Senior Advisor

FN Global Compact

United Nations Environment Programme

United Nations Framework Convention

Dow Jones Sustainability

Global Reporting Initiative

CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project